Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's birthday week

Birthday dress - check
Trip to ToysRUs - check
Cake ordered - check
The non-stop, "Am I four today?" question - check
Inside of playhouse painted while Mommy snuck inside to eat a brownie - check Paint all over said Birthday dress - check
"The Look" still in full force - double check


The Burr's said...

Happy Birthday Mia!!

Brandi said...

Happy 4th Birthday to Mia! She really has mastered "the look"!

Gene said...

Paula and I have lookat at 'the look' twice....and are still laughing! Reminds me of a really young 'Church Lady' look from Saturday Night Live (Carol Burnett's sidekick...Carol Lawrence?).

Tell Mia she's got 'em rollin' in the aisles with that look! ...'Check!'

Gene and Paula

Gene said...

Summer, I can't believe that I wrote a blog that included Steve Kelly and that you and his daughter were reading that this morning!!! Unbelievable!!

I don't know any of his kids. Would like to know about them, and where Steve and Mary live now. It's been years. I'd love to call him and say hello, and if his daughter would let me know how to find him, I would do that in a New York minute!