Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Father Daughter Love

Mia is an exact clone of Andy. They were quite the team at Disney World. I seriously thought Andy was going to jump out of his skin from excitement at the realization that Mia shares his same love for roller coasters. Those two were unstoppable. I won't be surprised if they plan a secret trip back to the parks without me. That's just how they roll.
Here they are devising their plan of attack at Magic Kingdom:
I swear she is Andy in drag. Apparently I have all recessive genes.
...and nothing thrills my soul more.


kj said...

#1 Love the new blog design

#2 it's great they have that connection so early, pray that they never lose it

Amy {Mom Spark} said...

I like the new look! Owls rule.

The Seat House said...

LOVING the owl!! Love the pictures too. So sweet!

Mandy said...

I swear that is janice dickenson playing cruella.

Gene said...

That Father-Daughter closeness is a treasure. I have that with Gena, and there's nothing like that closeness that allows a father and daughter to each know what the other is thinking without a word being said. There's nothing like it!

Gena said...

Mandy, you're so right! Creepy.