Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I am a church widow.

I take the kids to church by myself (consequently, I also get them ready by myself). I sit alone in bible classes, weddings, all funerals and most church services. Andy works about 12 hours most Sundays, so that's awesome. Many of our vacations are church related. People call my house at all hours of the day and night. One time Andy missed a family Christmas because he was at the church building and couldn't get away.  

But it's really not as bad as it sounds, once you get used to it. In fact, most of the blessings of the job far outweigh the challenges. And having the camaraderie and support of fellow ministry widows makes all the difference for me.  

I had the blessing and privilege of spending three days at a ministry wives conference with these lovely ladies.  We worshipped together, laughed together, and ate our weight in DQ Blizzards. 
We also came across this beauty. You can wear the butt of your jeans on your back for the amazing price of $95. 
 Sadly, being poor ministry widows, there was no way we could afford such a luxury.
 I am so thankful to my church for sending us away together for a couple of days.
 I tell ya, you can get through just about anything with a little help from your friends.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

All things Mia

Mia's life can be summed up in one word: theater.

That's it. That's all she cares about. She doesn't care if she is the lead, the ensemble, or the toilet cleaner. The kid loves it. This show, in particular, has had a lasting impact on her. The story was very emotional and she spent her entire winter with these wonderful, interesting, exciting people. It makes coming back home to boring ole' Locust Lane all the more devastating. She hasn't stopped crying since Sunday.

I'm not sure what it says about my fashion sense when the costume designer tells me that Mia will need a "poor immigrant coat" and then looks at the coat she wore to rehearsal and says, "Actually, that one is perfect."

The backstage culture is so fascinating. Somehow these kids can knit, make jewelry, eat, do homework, watch movies, and make duct tape wallets while simultaneously singing every song and quoting every line that is happening on stage. All this and they never miss their cue. It's incredible.
Mia also learned to text. 
 She's currently at home learning to not text.
This picture sums up Mia very well. Most of the time she is perfectly content to observe the action from the sidelines. Here all the backstage kids are engrossed in a game of Uno and Mia is happily engrossed in a book.
I prayed that Mia would find her passion. 
And now I just pray that she doesn't major in it in college.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

All things Bode

Bode's life can be summed up in three words: basketball, food, and teeth.

Currently, the only things Bode gives a rip about are playing basketball, watching basketball, accumulating basketball themed clothing, eating, talking about eating, planning and preparing for the next time he will eat, wiggling teeth, pulling teeth, and collecting cash from the tooth fairy (AKA Mia).

Before his Yaya bought him some "real basketball socks" he was wearing Andy's dress socks and pulling them up to his thighs. The heels of Andy's socks were dangling off of his calves. I totally let him go to school like this every day. It was not worth the battle.
Bode is now insulted by kids meals. Not only can he tear up an adult-sized meal, but he usually orders an extra something and eats my food. I don't know how I will afford him when he's a teenager.
And last but certainly not the least mortifying, Bode's mouth could be used for a Billy-Bob teeth mold.
Thankfully, a slip and fall took care of the latest tooth, and Supercuts did an amazing job with the haircut. It looks like a blind Edward Scissorhands got a hold of him.
Sunday, while waving a Bible in the air, his teacher asked what the greatest book in the world was. Bode emphatically yelled, "The Dictionary!"

This is the happiest, funniest, hungriest, sweetest kid you'll ever meet. He makes his toddler years so worth it.