Friday, October 24, 2008


So maybe I got a little wrapped up in that last, slightly obnoxious post to give a shout-out to my hawt hubby for nine years of marriage. This means that next year is the big 1-0. I had plans of spending it on a wonderful secluded island with nothing but books and seafood, but I have a feeling after last week it may be spent on space mountain. I'm afraid we are becoming one of those couples. You know, the kind with Disney fanny packs and mickey tattoos. If this happens to be you, my apologies for the judgement you once received from me. I've been humbled.
One would think that after nine years of marriage I would have a decent picture of the two of us. One would be wrong.


Amy {Mom Spark} said...

Well, last month was our "10" and you see where we ended up.

I think we're becoming one of those families too! Although, I don't know if we can afford it every year.=(

Runningmama said...

My anniversary was wednesday -- 9 years also!! Happy anniversary!