Monday, November 24, 2014

Bode accidentally got on an awesome basketball team.

Remember when I dissed on jocks and made it known that I kinda hate (translation: don't understand) team sports? Well, the joke's on me because Bode just landed himself a spot on the best 7-year-old basketball team in the greater Jones OK area. 

Once Bode went to school and realized that his friends were playing on miniature basketball teams, I could no longer convince him that playing basketball at 7:30 AM on Saturday mornings was a really bad idea.
 So, off to Jones Oklahoma we went for our first basketball tournament on our first basketball team where Bode played in his first four basketball games in the same day.
 And lo and behold, these little dudes won the entire tournament!
I still find the entire experience questionable and I find it impossible to not giggle to myself through most of the games, but I will admit that it was a pretty exciting day and I didn't exactly hate it.
I'm entering a brand-new world. Watching my sweet little boy play basketball makes me nervous and excited and proud all at the same time. It's weird.

Bode was walking pretty tall the next day. He said he loved it and that's all I needed to hear. I'm officially all in.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Books I Shouldn't Be Reading

I am currently taking the graduate class from hell. It's so bad that the only way I can possibly cope is to read books and watch reruns of Gilmore Girls. Both things are putting me further and further behind in said hellish class but I have to have something to numb the pain. Just talking about this class is making my heart race with anxiety. Therefore, more avoidance...

I am slightly embarrassed to admit I read this trashy little memoir. It's basically all about Ms. Dunham's gross sexual escapades and how she figured herself out. It's slightly useful if you are interested in better understanding these strange people called Millennials. 
The Interestings is very, well, interesting (See what I did there?). I really enjoyed it. Nothing crazy happens, yet I found myself really enthralled with the people.
This book. This book will make you shake in fear. I'm officially terrified of monkeys, hospitals, and Ebola being airborne. Ohmygaw this will keep you up at night.
All humans should read this book. I am now doing the workbook and bible study companion. It's just great.
Every day that I wake up and I realize I am still in this class I start praying that Jesus will come back. I pray that for a lot of reasons, but I would be lying if I said this class isn't the biggest.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mia's Halloween

Halloween accidentally became all about Mia this year. Mainly because she is so awesome and quirky and picked the coolest costume ever - The Mona Lisa - AKA Mia Lisa. 

No 80's rockstar or Frozen princess for this girl. 

It took a small act of God to put this thing together. Thankfully I married a man whom I knew would quickly become obsessed with the project. 
Somehow he fashioned backpack like straps to it and a little headrest so it would stay positioned correctly. 
And then there was Bode. Sweet, predictable Bode. He dresses up as an NBA player everyday for school so he had several choices. He went with an injured KD. We kind of forgot to take pictures of him. I found this on my phone sent to me from someone else. Poor, neglected child. 
We've all had the cold from hell this week. A cold for Mia means moping around playing Minecraft and not eating. A cold for Bode means no school, breathing treatments, two trips to the doctor, steroids, antibiotics, and fifty other medications all the while managing to eat bacon cheeseburgers for every meal and claiming he's still not full.

I don't need to explain to any of you what a cold for a mother means - you just move on and pretend it's not happening.