Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Week

Another moment of weakness (and this was lunch). I can just hear her in therapy in about 20 years, "Well, my issues with weight started when I was 2 years old and my mom forced me to drink Slim Fast for lunch."
Sweet Bode...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Just in case anybody was wondering...

Mia announced at church, to anyone that would listen, that Bode drinks milk from my boobies. I am so thankful that she cleared that up for anyone that might have been wondering. If you want to know any more personal information, like where my scar is (she will raise up her shirt and pull her panties down to show you the exact spot), or that "we have dog hair all over our house" (she just told that to our last visitor) just ask her. She is always happy to share.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Breakfast in survival mode

Whoever said EasyMac (and a Popsicle for dessert) isn't a suitable breakfast never had a 2-year-old and a new baby in the house. Some battles just aren't worth fighting.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

Quote of the weekend

I almost forgot to post this...Mia told everyone at the hospital that "Mommy's water bottle broke. But that's OK, we can get her a new one." If only it was that simple.


Bode Andrew Lashley arrived Friday morning at 2:13 AM. He decided he wanted me to experience labor and have a c-section so he came a few hours early. He just couldn't resist that birth canal!
I had a c-section scheduled at 11AM on Friday morning and went to bed Thursday night relaxed and ready. About 11:15 PM I woke up with this awful pain and a few minutes later get the picture. We took off for the hospital (all the while I am wondering why I keep peeing my pants) and by the time we got there I was in hard labor and was about ready to have this kid. I will admit these weren't the most graceful moments of my life. Finally, after 2 years (or hours) they gave up trying to slow labor down and took me into surgery.
Little Bode is here and we are doing well. Please keep us in your prayers (if you look at the time of this post you know we are going to need it) as we adjust to this precious little soul!

Mia made it to the hospital in a princess t-shirt, "twirly skirt", no panties, and no shoes

Later that afternoon, Mia meets Bode for the first time

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mia's last day as an only child

First, a trip to Build-A-Bear

Then on to Chuck-E-CheeseAnd of course, as soon as we got home Winnie had to swing in Baby Brother's swing and ride in his infant seat in the car.Tonight we went to our traditional "last supper" with our best friends the Owens. We have done this the night before each of our kids were born to symbolize the end of life as we know it. I did take pictures but after I downloaded them and saw how atrocious my arms looked, I decided to make them go away forever.

I love this girl!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

3 days and counting

Three more days until the newest addition to the family arrives. I am just about to go completely crazy thinking about all the changes that are about to take place in our lives. It is a very scary and exciting feeling. Please keep our family in your prayers as we make this transition.
This week is "all about Mia" week (as if every week the past three years hasn't been). We are doing fun and exciting things together every day. I have been pretty emotional (I will blame it on the hormones) lately and have found myself sneaking into her room at night and watching her sleep. I can't help but marvel at how quickly time goes by and wonder what we ever did without her. I want her life to be wonderful and easy and fun and happy all the time. I know that is not possible, but I pray for it anyway. Most importantly, I pray that she loves the Lord and can someday have a real and intimate relationship with Him.
On a lighter note (I refuse to cry while typing a blog) here are a couple of pictures of Mia and Raegan at Fun Stop yesterday. They had more fun playing under the table then on the toys.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Over-the-top Imagination

I'll give you nine million guesses as to what this thing is....You give up? I thought so. This is a snowman complete with a bottom (this was the body part she was the most proud of), arms, hands, legs, body, and face. If you look real close you can....never mind. If you look real close you still can't possibly think this is a snowman, but it is. You may have to be punch drunk and high to see it, but it is there - I assure you. Just don't make the mistake of questioning it to Mia. She is very passionate about her art and may go ballistic on anyone with even the slightest look of confusion on their faces (I speak from experience). Personally, I am pretty proud of this little creation. I know I am biased, but I have seen modern sculptures in reputable museums that I think this could hang with (OK, maybe that is a stretch but I am grasping at anything here).

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Chewing Gum

This is the latest skill Mia has added to her repertoire. So far it is coming in handy as a bribe, so for now I am embracing the annoying smacking sounds and occasional piece of gum found in the car seat.