Thursday, October 9, 2008

It was parent's day at dance this week. All the helicopter parents were there, cameras in hand. Mia spent the entire time turning around making sure Andy was watching her.
It's okay, Mommy has to hold her leg up too.
Kind of like a beautiful, graceful swan - except not.
Quote of the day from their teacher "Miss Katha" after a little girl referred to her rear-end as her bottom: Oh, let's use a nice french word, like derriere.


Gena said...

Is that little girl feeling any better?

the.fortes said...

Looks like Mia is up and about again? Those B&W pics would look great with colored flowers or ballet shoes (I wish I knew how to do that)!

Gene said...

Instead of 'derriere' or however they it, they could use the Texas word....'tokas' syllable less and a lot easier to pronounce. :)

They may not quite have the graceful thing down yet, but it's on the way! Right now, 'adorable' will work just fine!