Thursday, September 9, 2010

Drama-free drop-off

With all the drama of our first-born starting kindergarten I may have accidently forgotten that our youngest was also going back to school.

It happens.

We completely blew off the open house and forgot to have his back-to-school dinner but I assure you we did not forget to take him.  
Five glorious hours without him at home of learning and interacting with other children?  Yes, please!

Being "lazered" by Bode is the equivalent of a hug and a kiss these days.
I'll take what I can get.
Bode insisted on taking our picture.
Notice the look of sheer exuberance on Andy's face (Thursdays happen to be his day off).
The theme of the morning was, "No tears for three-year-old boys going to school!"
I was not hopeful it would work considering what we went through with him last year.
But wonder of wonders....he did it!  
No tears, no drama, no clinging for dear life to Mom.
He owns Sonshine School.


Kayla said...

So glad he loved it!!!

Lisa said...

This is awesome! Glad you too have your Thursdays free! This is my first year to have BOTH of mine there so I am going to LOVE it! :o)
Can I ask where you got the Woody T-shirt he is wearing? That is adorable and I am considering Woody as a Halloween costume for Blake this year. I would love to know where to find a good one that doesn't cost a fortune!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

That is great! Now you can leave without wondering what those teachers are saying about you and your kid!

Andrea said...

GO BODE!!!! So glad it went well, answered prayers and relief!

Gena said...

Man, you take really good early morning pictures. Disgusting, really.