Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Packing Heat

Bode's obsession with guns is starting to get out of control.  He can't leave the house without at least one gun in his hand.
And yelling out phrases like, "Mom, how come I can't bring my gun to the bank?" or "But I want to take my gun inside Mia's school," really loud in public are going to end up getting me into some kind of embarrassing trouble that will involve a news crew and the police.  I can just feel it.

Anyone up for posting bail?


Sherry said...

Summer, Never commented on your blog before but wanted you to know that you often make my day! Thanks for sharing.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

just make sure he doesn't take it in the car and point it at OTHER cars!

Gena said...

I'll post bail any day. And he NAILED Erick in the forehead last night with a bullet. Just to let you know, it was near fatal.

OK Chick said...

I guess we should start taking up a collection for an H&H membership.

Shannon "Coupon Princess" said...

Oh gosh, I have one of those boys at my house, everything is a gun, trio blocks, legos, his hand, kitchen utensils, you name it. He has to shoot the bad guys, and run missions you know (he is 4) it is totally annoying. Good luck with your little army man!