Monday, September 13, 2010

What Mia does while the rest of the kindergarteners sleep

Even with her new 7:30 AM wake-up time, Mia is incapable of falling asleep before 10:30.  
I've tried everything.  
It's just not gonna happen.

So what on earth do you do for 2 1/2 hours every night in your room?  
You draw.  And you destroy your room and get your freshly bathed self filthy in the process.

A couple of my personal favs from the past week:
The little man in the corner is saying, "I can't see very well."
Mia insists that the other arm is behind her back.
This is me cooking breakfast :)
Her furniture.
And she lives for words of affirmation (who doesn't).
She comes out of her room 50 times and asks, 
"What part do you like the best?"  
"Look at this for a real long time, Mommy, and tell me everything you like about it."
"Name your five favorite things about this picture."
Sit down and look at this very closely, then tell me why you love it so much."
As a result, her hands look like this the next morning when she goes to school.  (I've learned that the word "washable" is relative.)
And her face looks like this with tears streaming down it and the words "I don't want to go to school today" coming out of her mouth in a very high pitched whine.

It's going to be a long 12 years.


Kayla said...

It sounds like markers have become an item on your budget! Tell her my favorite things about the pictures are: I love all the colors, the attention to details, and the amazing creativity she has! She also has a great sense of inner character reading abilities which are shown in her drawing of you cooking breakfast ;)

Lisa said...

These drawings are amazing! I especially love the one of her furniture. It looks like an early sketch for a Beauty and the Beast set design. And maybe you should send Mr. Clean a message and ask him to make a magic eraser for hands.

Katie said...

She's so talented! And adorable! What a bright kindergartner!

Natalie Hudkins said...

She is so creative! I hope she starts to like school better soon and that her teacher appreciates her great artistic ability.
My sister has stayed up late her whole life and she loves to draw and paint as well. Maybe it's an artsy trait.

Gena said...

That girl is something, lemme tellya. She can just come up with amazing drawings so quickly without even a second of contemplation. I love that little artist. (The witch is my favorite, btw....)

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I love her attention to detail! Enter that girl in a contest!

kj said...

that kid amazes me.

: )

Sheree Franks said...

Darby would always say that sleeping was boring. And then, she would go to bed out of sheer boredom 'cause Scott and I were boring, too. For your girl, I do not predict anything changing as far as sleep goes. Maybe one day she will be a youth minister hosting lots of lock-ins.

Lori said...

The one with the arm behind her back is very creative...and you CAN see the fingers poking out! I love the one of the furniture also. No wonder art is her favorite part of school!