Monday, September 27, 2010

My not-so-new anymore bathroom

So on the big demo day for my teeny, tiny bathroom the only instruction I left my husband was to take some before pictures.  In fact, I went so far as to call him and remind him.

To no avail.  (He tends to block out a lot of my very specific and important instructions, but that's another post altogether).

And because I was in denial about the horrificness of the before bathroom and tried to block it out every day of my life, I have no pictures of it anywhere.

And before you go enlarging these pictures and critiquing all the details let me say that it is not really finished.  

We decided to do some of the finishing work ourselves to save a little dough.  

Like that's going to actually happen in any sort of timely manner.

And, yes, I know the woodwork needs another coat of paint, but who has time for that nonsense?

This bathroom is exactly 0.005 square feet.  Which is pretty small for a master bathroom. But that's what you get in a 40+ year old neighborhood.  

We got rid of that awful built-in medicine cabinet fur-down thingy and replaced it with a modern medicine cabinet .
This is my half.  Hello storage, I love you.
 I have a huge crush on this sink.
We raised the ceiling of the shower as high as it would go (it used to be a "steam shower" with the ceiling resting nicely on my husband's head).
I love me some subway tiles hung vertically and I love, love, love me a built in shelf for all my products - I'm high maintenance like that.
 Pebble stone shower floor?  Yes, please.
It's like a little foot massage every morning.
Or something like that.
 I can't get enough linen tiles in my life. 
These babies are 12x24 Emser tiles in chestnut.
 Now that this house is finally completely renovated, I'm kinda ready to get me another diamond in the rough.
(Don't even think about telling my husband that.)


Wa Wa Waughs said...

I think it looks really modern! Great job!

kj said...

it looks really good!!!

Andrea said...


Kristen said...

Wow! Totally impressed... I have a couple of bathrooms you can "play" with until your next project! It really looks great!

Gena said...

Why have I not walked back to that beauty of a bathroom? Looks great.

sonorthend said...

I LOVE the pebble floor in the shower, that's gorgeous!