Sunday, June 14, 2009

Post-Church Sibling Smack-Down

Dear Children,
I am posting this so that you will always remember how lovely you act right after church on Sundays. Today was just a typical Sunday: Dad gone, Mom feels like she's been hit by train, kids in a foul mood from being woke up, drug out the door, fed stale, cold breakfast in pew, and threatened within inch of lives numerous times. I understand that you are at your wits end by the time the car pulls back into the garage, which is why I set you free to the front yard to fight it out while I numbed the pain by eating a key-lime pie straight from the pie plate.
Mia trying to force Bode's head to face the camera: Bode trying to come up with a plan to get her back for the whole head lock thing:
Miss Bossy Britches giving Bode the "look at me when I'm talking to you" speech:
Bode gives her the warning shove:
And now comes the throwing of the ivy:
The screeching run for shelter (notice Bode has more ammo behind the back):
"I'm going after her."
And the real cat fight starts:
This will end the photo documentation. It gets a little too nasty for the Grandparents to see.
Happy Sunday, Everyone!


Suzanne said...

At least they're cute! ha!

Gena said...

I know the exact inflection of Mia's screech, and the look on Bode's face as he chases her with the ivy. I love those two.

Lisa said...

When exactly do Sundays become a day of rest?