Sunday, June 7, 2009

The first of many "Oh My Goodness My Kid Can't Really Be This Old" Moments

My good friend, Andrea, pretty much summed up our milestone morning.Look at all those desks. Now imagine 4-year-olds sitting perfectly quiet and still in every single one of them. Now stop laughing and snorting diet coke through your nose 'cause I ain't kidding. I don't know what kind of coma inducing fumes they are pumping through those air vents. Whatever it is, it works like magic and I want some.You know you're an MRCC kid when you have to peal stickers off the backs of all your church clothes. Or in our case, when you have to pick tiny pieces of stickers out of your washing machine every week.


Emily said...

A while back, we were at the disney store and the lady working gave my son a sticker...which he promptly stuck on his back (because, duh, isn't that where all stickers go?). She said, "Oh, you must go to church somewhere!"

Andrea said...

That's hilarious because our kids tend to stick them on their backs too!

Tonya Tuggle said...

Us too! The stickers in the laundry. I was catching up and saw all the recent pics of Bode...his look has COMPLETELY changed...I don't know if its all of his teeth or his hair or what, but where did the baby go?