Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm not drunk, this post is just random.

Another summer night, another bed-time ignored, another five cookies and diet dr. pepper consumed while blog stalking.
This is the life. Hello short hair. I love you.
And they love suckers. And I love this stinky little thang. And they better love each other 'cause they have no choice. And how can you not love those sweet little lips?And Gena, these are for you, cause we all love your husband. ...he brings out Mia's inner performer (but who doesn't)..


kj said...

Why do we shower for events like that? I was gross when we got out of the car.

We too LOVED Erick! We got one of his CD's and we just love it!!!

Erick said...

There were definitely some awkward facial exchanges between me and Mia. I was both flattered and creeped out. (she was as well)