Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Summer Lashley and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

So yesterday was the day we were supposed to close on our adorable house on Meadow Lane.  Keep in mind it's been under contract for over a month now (i.e. off the market, sold, we can be excited about our move because the huge burden/nightmare of having two mortgages is off of us).

Here I am snapping pics of the kids last night in their rooms at the adorable house on Meadow Lane.  Trying to savor those last moments in this house before another sweet family made it their own.  
Here I am in my nostalgic and blissfully naive state as I watched my child make his sweet sleep sounds on his last night in the adorable house on Meadow Lane.  
And then on Monday we moved.  And sweet Mia immediately went to organizing her new room and asking for turquoise and purple stripes on the walls.
I immediately bit my tongue and eeked out a, "We'll see," while physically restraining myself from rearranging those shelves.
And then on Tuesday I was blissfully unaware that my house was a disaster because I spent the entire day organizing my pantry.
I had dreamed of having a pantry all my adult life and I finally had it.
So what if there is a giant fake palm tree in my entry covered in 6 inches of dust?
And so what if they left a ginormous weight machine that takes up half of the garage and takes an army to move less than a centimeter?

I have a pantry, darnet, and I'm not going to let any part of this quirky, spider-ridden house get me down.
Not even the built-in wet bar with a giant hole where an ice maker used to be.  No siree bob.  I'm happy.
And then Wednesday came.  The day we were supposed to close on the adorable house on Meadow Lane.  And I wasn't even sad anymore.  The pantry had quite a healing effect on me.

And then we got a phone call, "I'm sorry but the people that were buying your house TODAY didn't get the loan."

Translation:  "You've had your house off the market for a month and now you have to start all over.  And it has no furniture in it.  And it's coming into winter and no one likes to move in the winter.  And you still own it so you still have to pay for it.  And basically, you're screwed, have a nice day."

So, anyone want to buy an adorable house on Meadow LaneIt's already had inspections.  The repairs are done.  And the owners are desperate.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Lots of great space! Especially M's closet! Do you think she would like to come organize mine?

Verna said...

Can I move into Mia's closet? That thing is huge! I'm jealous of the pantry, too! ; ) So so sorry about the other house. Hopefully something comes up soon!

Lori said...

Your house is in move-in condition and all updated, so hopefully it will sell just as fast this time as before. But seriously, is someone's realtor at fault for not making sure the people were pre-qualified? Unless they DID qualify and then went out and bought a car or something...Looking on the bright side, now the buyers will be able to visualize their own furniture in there!

Brooke Tallon said...

As one who [deeply] understands your situation, I can honestly say that it will all be ok. But I'm praying for your sanity in the meantime :-) Let me know if you need a buddy for a nerve-calming Starbucks run.

Kayla said...

Your Meadow Lane house is so stinkin beautiful with all the things you've done. I kinda want to buy it! I thought I wanted a semi/fixer-upper...but it's wearing me out!! The other one looks awesome too!!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Wow. I'm so sorry! When I saw your post there was no commentary with your pics so I had no idea. I'm really not that uncaring.

Now is the time you are building your trust in God, sweetie. I will pray for a buyer!