Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last school picture in front of the house.

That title is so pathetic even I can't stand myself.

Today is Gooney Bird Greene day at Oakdale.  And as you might imagine, Mia can give RuPaul  a run for his money when it comes to playing dress up - the girl loves it.   
When I was in grade school I dressed up as Lois Pasteur, who, in case you didn't know developed the vaccine for rabies and anthrax.   Basically, what I'm trying to tell you is that I was a big dork.  
 I also had bifocals in kindergarten.  Try not to be jealous.
Yesterday Mia had the all-too-familiar dodge ball to the face experience that so many of us awkward people have had in elementary school P.E. class.  In case you were one of the cool kids and never experienced this, it's mortifying.

It hit me that after all these years I can finally use my many awkward moments to help someone else.  

And then right after that it hit me that it might not make her feel much better to know that her awkward non-athleticisim is genetic and there isn't a darn thing she can do about it.  

At that moment I whipped the car into Sonic and ordered us both some tater tots and root beers.  Sometimes the best you can do is self-medicate with fried foods.  And sometimes that is just fine.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Very cool outfit. And you know she'll survive without athletics. Just think of it as preserving those bones and joints for the future.

Sara said...

Nice work on the photos. I especially love the composure of the last shot with your house # blurred in the background. And Mia is looking so much more grown up. How does that happen in 16 months?

OK Chick said...

Teresa and I walked past your new house. It's nice. Congrats on the new purchase.

Dara Wills said...

Wow, what an outfit! So how come you're moving?