Monday, October 15, 2012

A party only a Mia could love

Mia likes to be in charge.  Of everything.  And in the ultimate display of Type A characteristics she controlled her own birthday party by presenting the attendees with gifts she had painstakingly made for them (Thank you, Mom and Ahmo for indulging her).

She couldn't have cared less about all her presents sitting there on the hearth.  She likes to get her attention in other ways.

She made a quilt for Henson:
 "Adore me.  I made you a present on my birthday."
She invented this darling little felt racetrack rug for Simon complete with little cars and traffic signs that velcro to it:
 A beaded wooden necklace for Sesa:
 And she did enjoy her new bike (for exactly 30 seconds) from Yaya and DD.
She decided to have her small group friends over for a tie-dye party (AKA my worst nightmare).
And again, in true Type A fashion, she spent the first half of it crying in frustration because her t-shirt did not turn out like the one on You Tube.
After threatening her within an inch of her life, she pulled herself together.
Overall I think she was pleased with her day.  
This hug pretty much sums it up.  
"Thank you for submitting to my every demand on this special day.  You're a real friend."
"Just because it's your birthday, kid."


ann said...

What a sweet girl. Happy birthday!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

She's such a cool kid! Happy birthday Mia!

Catherine said...

Love. It. Ethan opted for a quiet family affair as well this year (partly, I think, because I said, "Ooo! You know what would be REALLY fun this year!?....") So we took him to Chuck E. Cheese with the cousins (since we've never been there -- is that sad? Or should I feel smug and superior? Not sure.) He had a blast. As much as I think of my kid, and as sweet as he can be, I wonder if it would ever occur to him to make others gifts for his birthday? Hmmm... she may be type A and controlling, but she seems to generally be using her powers for good. :-)

OK Chick said...

It looks like a great party!