Monday, January 17, 2011

Green is my new favorite color.

If I say that enough I may actually start to believe it.  Although, these green smoothies are pretty darn good, and super easy to make.  This particular one consisted of two big handfuls of baby spinach, one banana, one pear, and a little orange juice.  You can really just throw whatever fruit you have lying around with some spinach and a little liquid and you're good to go.  
My favorite child (for the moment) drank it right up.  The other child made a bunch of gagging noises, spit it out and demanded macaroni and cheese.
 After some consideration, Mia decided she likes the smoothies just fine,
but she would just as soon eat her spinach straight from the bowl.
 Thus confirming that she is still my favorite (for the next five minutes, at least).


Wa Wa Waughs said...

I don't even really want to try that. I have a desire to eat healthier but drinking things have never appealed to me. I have never been into Sonic or Starbucks really. I would just rather eat my calories than drink them, with one exception, I guess. I do love hot chocolate. I'm with Mia on this one.

Gena said...

I can tell I would love that SMOOTHIE.