Friday, January 7, 2011

The children always insist on taking at least one picture each when the camera is out.

And it always seems that the camera is out when I have on no make-up and no bra.  Thus lots of braless, make-upless pictures of me.  Oh well, at least they aren't that great with the focus.

As I anticipate and plan for this wonderful new year I only know three things for sure.
 My hair will be browner, my face will be wrinklier,
and my love will be deeper.


Wa Wa Waughs said... sweet.

At least you can delete them. I remember way back in the old days - 90's - I got some film developed and there were about 5 blurry pictures of my youngest's room! I thought they were cute but had no idea when he did that and of course it cost me $$! Next time Mia goes on a field trip give her a cheap camera and see what pictures she takes!

Gena said...

I love those pictures.