Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Long Summer Days

These long summer afternoons require the use of my imagination. Today, it was "Go paint your playhouse day". Tomorrow, "clean the paint off your playhouse day."

Raegan wasn't too impressed with pretend work so she settled for dancing in the paint. Gena, I owe you a new pair of shorts. This insanely messy project bought me exactly 27 minutes. In my world that's a vacation.


Gena said...

I have folded laundry, washed drapes, vacuumed the house, and watched Fox news. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

You know, you could hire them out to paint neighborhood THAT'S a vacation! And of course their earnings could go toward a big fat Starbucks card for their agent.

marge said...

haahahah thats the best thing ive seen all week not bad eaither
love the blog summer

Mandy said...

I hear ya, I bought a toy today at a garage sale for 50 cents and I got to eat my entire lunch uninterrupted!