Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blogger Bash - where all the cool people will be on August 7th

And by cool I mean those without felonies. If you are creepy - stay away.

So here's the deal: I don't really have time to talk to my friends in person anymore, thus I blog. But for fear that I may forget how to have an actual conversation, I think it is time we all get together for an evening. There are some of you that I have never even met, but I feel like I know you so let's just go ahead and make our friendship official.

Come to Blogger Bash. It's all about talking and eating. Now who doesn't enjoy that? Also, there will be tons of cool people promoting their online businesses so you may even find some amazing deals for your little one, because they really don't have enough. And even better, you may even win something.

In all seriousness (or as serious as I can be), I need this and I know you do too. If you blog, don't have a blog but enjoy reading others, hate blogging and hate those who do (don't worry, we'll convert you), or you just want to check out all the online businesses than this party is for you. We don't discriminate (except for the criminal thing)! E-mail me or talk to one of your friends for details.

Yea for parties!


The McDowells said...

Sounds fun, wish we were still there so I could go!

Sarah said...

I must admit I am ridiciously excited about this!

rebeckaoneal said...

okay i think i will come a night away from kids count me in i only have 1 felony is that okay it was along time ago j/k see you their

kj said...

I am so sad I can't be there!!!! We leave for San Diego on the 5th.

I'll try to log in and read about it.

Gene said...

Summer, if they gave out degrees for blogging, you and Gena would both be Black Belt Bloggers. You guys write killer blogs! I am enjoying my introduction into this Brave New World! It's fun! I'm going to try to get some of my friends (the ones who haven't yet been incarcerated at the 'HOME'), like Kathy Duncan, to jump into the middle of this blog-thing! Thanks for your encouragement, and thanks for sharing your pics and stories. Priceless!

gene shoemake