Saturday, July 19, 2008

Her latest exercise in independence - dressing herself

It's quickly become my latest exercise in self control.

"Why yes, I am in a green skirt, turquoise hoodie, and blue tank top." "You wanna make somthin' of it?"


Chrissey said...

I fought this stage for a while, but it started to become a HUGE battle. Ashlyn picks most her outfits along the same color lines too. Shades of purple, striped shirt with polka dot leggings and so on. She even tries to wear fleece pants in the summer! It's hilarious...I just hope most people know that she does it, not me!

kj said...

I do what my mom did for me. Lay out matching outfits and Lily can choose from those. It gives her freedom in her choice but it also keeps her from wearing disney high heels, a halter top, and size 2t jean skirt that's her sisters! We're all happy!!! ; )

(And...I kinda liked Mia's outfit!!)

D's Mom said...

That's going to be hard for me when Delaney gets to the point where she wants to choose what to wear...I want to be the one choosing what she wears! :)

rebeckaoneal said...

Monica is 8 and still does things like this just yesterday i was at walmart (where I always see atleast 1 person from church) with to children wearing shorts pink cowgirl boots and pink cowgirl hats and who knows what color shirt sometimes its just not worth the fight