Friday, June 6, 2014

Latest Reads

I've been in a reading funk lately. In fact, I read about five books in a row that were so forgettable that I couldn't even conjure up the titles to tell you not to read them. I gave them all to my mother or I would go look in my "books-I-am-completely-indifferent-about-and-want-to-give-away-to-the-first-person-I-see-because-they-are-junking-up-my-house" pile (Sorry, Mom.)

I've had a bad run with fiction, but have enjoyed some great nonfiction recently.

This is the second time I have read this book. I am speaking about spiritual disciplines at an event this fall so I thought I better get myself disciplined real fast. This book is helping.

This was a really easy read and a great book if you ever plan to work with people on any level. It's written like a novel, but it's really a team building book.

This book was given to me by a friend and is no longer in print so I feel kind of special having it. It has all kinds of great ideas and advice about hiring the right people. But for goodness sake, if you ever plan to go to an interview, read this book (you can still download it)! You will have an edge on the nine billion other people that want the same exact job as you.

I only read this book to satisfy my strange curiosity with eccentric, dysfunctional, insanely wealthy families. Twisted lives fascinate me.

I am currently doing this bible study at church. The tagline is "Making wise decisions in the midst of raw emotions." That is code for "how not to act like a crazy b." My husband is the one that signed me up for it. (kidding.....maybe).
I just finished reading this to Bode and it's such great fiction that I felt it deserved to be included on my reading list. My children are required to read every book Roald Dahl ever wrote. Period.

And finally, I am sure I am the last person on the planet to read this little gem. This book is worth neglecting your children, taking a sick day, faking a migraine - whatever it takes to get a couple of uninterrupted hours. I read it in one sitting because I just couldn't stop. It's precious in a good way. I'm not even sure I can watch the movie because I don't want to risk messing up my mental pictures of these sweet people and their love story. 
That's all for now, folks.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

I'm with you on TFIOS. Loved it. My hubs collects Patrick Lencioni books! So I'm going to read the one on spiritual disciplines next. If you think it's good enough to read twice, I better get it!

Beth Brewer said...

I haven't read it yet either, but now I guess I must!