Thursday, June 12, 2014

A field trip back in time

About a month of so ago, Mia's class went to a one-room schoolhouse for a fake day of struggle and hardship.
Actually, I take that back. This was their fake day of curiosity and learning. Every other day of their third-grade life was struggle and hardship. (Dear Law-Makers That Decided My Third Grader Needed To Spend Her Entire Year Stressing About A Stupid Test, Stop ruining our children's lives. Sincerely, A Mom)
Mia would have made an awesome child of the land run. She loves the simple life, so long as it involves dipping a little pen into an inkwell and doesn't include any hard labor.
I tell my kids to go outside and play with sticks ALL THE TIME and they act like it's torture, but put a bonnet on and all of the sudden it's retro-fun.
Reading out of the first official textbook ever published:
We received very explicit instructions about how to dress for the day. I ignored them. I did, however, put my hair in pigtails and wear boots. It turned out more urban cowgirl than schoolmarm (thankfully).
This. Just this.
And really, I only take issue with not being allowed to loiter in ice cream shops. Because no one, and I mean No. One. will keep me away from my ice cream.

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OK Chick said...

I remember this field trip as a child. It was very fun! I was all about packing my lunch in a coffee can, but not so thrilled about the clothes.