Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Latest Reads

Continuing with my obsession with terrifying memoirs I read this little ditty about growing up inside Scientology. I'm not about to open up a religious can of worms on this blog, but, yikes. Yikes, yikes, yikes.

I re-read this book just to try and conjure up some more strength to survive living with Mia for the next nine years. Every parent of a girl should read this. It's so spot-on. This book inspired Tina Fey to write the movie Mean Girls. Yah, it's that depressing.
 Next on my list is Wiseman's companion book, Masterminds and Wing Men. All about boys and their weird relationships with each other.
If anyone wants to start a support group for Moms of girls (or guys for that matter), I'm in. Because, geesh, sometimes this parenting thing really blows.

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Aubrie said...

I just ordered "Wingmen" on Amazon yesterday. I'm nervous.