Monday, September 23, 2013

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I just finished reading this terrifying memoir. 
I love terrifying memoirs, they're my catnip. 
(I just looked up "catnip" in the urban dictionary and it's borderline inappropriate for me to call something "my catnip." Nonetheless, I'm going with it.)
Did you know that you can get encephalitis, it can go to your brain, and you can become psychotic for no reason whatsoever? Well, you can. Which is just great because I don't have time to go psychotic and spend two months in the hospital, which means I probably will.

Another equally terrifying experience: a Lashley disney trip planning session. My husband turns into a monster. A very productive monster, but a monster nonetheless.

Seeing my kids holding my best friend's precious little baby is so adorable that it makes me want to reproduce immediately. Which is impossible thanks to modern technology.
My husband thinks this is the most terrifying thing of all.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Your scary is different than my scary. Now I've got another weird book to read! Just finished Coming Clean by K. Miller. So good!

Gena said...

Need that book. We do not need more babies my friend.