Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mia's latest reads

One of my favorite things about Mia is her love of reading. She is in that glorious phase of life where she wants to do nothing but read all day - and actually can.

Oh to be nine-years-old and have nothing on your to-do list but take out the trash and read. 

I'm not bitter....
Last Sunday Mia read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and Superfudge in the same day (Ok, fine, I let her read all the way through church and it wasn't the bible. My secret's out).
*By the way, don't let your kid read these two Judy Blume classics if they still believe in Santa Clause. She kind of blows that theory out of the water. Thankfully, I ruined the whole Santa Clause thing for Mia a long time ago.
This month we are reading Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia Maclachlan together. It's one of my favorites.
Of course there is the Harry Potter series, of which Mia is obsessed. At this point she has read through book four. The rest will have to wait until she is a little bit older, as the subject matter is too mature for a nine-year-old (in my opinion).

The Land of Stories books by Chris Colfer, are Mia's "second favorite after Harry Potter, of course."

Two new ones she's reading are George's Secret Key to the Universe by Lucy and Stephen Hawking and

Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. This is the fist book in a series about what happens to Peter Pan after the movie.
And in case you were curious, so far the only book Bode has shown the least bit of interest in reading is the Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia. The other day I tried to get him to look at some animal books with me and he said, "Mom, I'm not like Mia. I don't like to learn things."

Duly noted, son.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Wow, I haven't heard of some of those! Keep pushing with Bode. He sounds like my senior...

Lori said...

Has Mia read Little Women? My DD loved to read too, and that was her favorite book for a while. She read way more classics than I ever did, although at one point I went on a kick of reading biographies and actually learned a few things. Also, the Anne of Green Gables books were very fun to read together.