Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcome Home

Meet our terrarium. It's the eyesore of our house which make it all the more thrilling that it's the first thing you see when you walk in. And as if it wasn't obvious enough, it comes with a huge mirrored wall. Score!
This thing evokes all kinds of reactions from me on a daily basis. Namely, cussing and laughing out loud.
The question on everyone's minds (including mine) is why is it still here? Well, for starters it's quite the conversation piece. One night Andy tried to talk me into getting in a swimsuit and laying on a beach towel as people came over.  I guess it does have that island vibe, if islands were full of kitty litter and fake palms trees. 

For another thing, it's built so darn well it would take a crane with one of those giant balls on it to get it out of here (I'm not up on my construction vocabulary, I'm sure there is an official name for that). It's built over carpet and tile, so according to the hubs it's staying until it is time to replace the flooring. 

It's just another thing on my "things I promised my husband I would not bug him to redo when we moved but we both knew darn well I was lying" list. 

Stay tuned, there are plenty more mirrors in this house for me to complain about and there is no better place to complain than your very own blog.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

I'm sure a year from now (or 2 or 3) you will laugh and say, "remember that horrendous planter with the mirrors?" I guess I don't have to remind you we JUST last year took out the olive toilet and shower upstairs after living here 12 years? But of course it was behind closed you want me to start bugging Andy for you????

Chellie said...

Maybe you could make it into one of those trendy entry wall, hang your coats and backpacks, store your shoes kind of things... you could somehow put hooks on the mirror, or just build a cabinet like thing to sit on the rock thing(it would just cover part of the mirro). Take out the trees and make that area a bench. I totally think it could work to leave the rock thing. I seriously just had a whole thought of how it could work... need to focus on my own house, not others..

Gena said...

I am still staring at stenciled flowers and have eighty splinters on my feet from walking on raw decking. I feel my own blog post coming on.
I still say the bookcase with a sliding ladder. Now how to do that is beyond me. Erick might have an idea but that would entail him leaving my projects. Can.not.happen.

allison hanna cassady said...

Yank out the plants and kitty litter, add some cushions and you have a lovely welcoming bench!

The Seat House said...

I still have giant bird cut outs on my bathroom mirrors. We have lived here 5 years. I think if it was in our entry I would be more motivated to change it. I always start a different project and it gets put on the back burner. Its always fun to try to figure out the WHY?

Lucas Ross said...

It's my favorite!