Friday, March 29, 2013

Marriage is about compromise.

Like when you thought your tax refund was going to be used on window treatments and your husband was thinking more along the lines of a fancy basketball goal.
However, I've never seen a happier (or more cocky) 5-year-old in my life. Most of the time it's pretty adorable. The other times it's completely obnoxious (case in point: below is his "I'm better than LeBron" face).
His fancy new toy is keeping him outside and helping him get exercise, and that's definitely a good thing. I'm actually referring to Andy.
I'm pretty sure window treatments wouldn't bring Bode this much joy. However, they would keep all the mass murderers from seeing into our house, so that would have been a plus.
And then there is sweet Mia. The only thing this girl needs to keep her happy is an insect or two.
She's simple in so many ways, yet complicated at the same time. It's the complicated part that terrifies me as a parent. Well, that and the mass murderers.
She told me recently that she was sad that Bode likes basketball so much because he doesn't spend as much time playing with her.
Translation: He doesn't spend as much time doing what she says. Nonetheless it's still a little sad. This is the first time in their lives they have had so little in common.  
I guess marriage isn't the only thing that requires compromise. 


Michelle said...

My husband would have some mad jealousy over that basketball goal, it's a nice one!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I love this post!

Lori said...

That makes me sad for Mia too! Maybe she will have to take up basketball...