Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I've lost all connection with my son. - post edit

My husband pointed out to me that "James LeBron" is actually "LeBron James" which drives home my point: I know nothing about basketball.

I swear it was only one month ago that Bode was climbing in my lap telling me that I was the best Mommy in the world.  He would also let me rock him,  read to him, and hold him in the produce section of grocery stores when we were both cold.  

And then he discovered basketball.  And now all he is is a running commentary on basketball, NBA team rankings, and his favorite player (which changes more than his underwear, I assure you).

This past weekend I took these two little ladies to Spring Sing and left Bode at home to watch Sportscenter.  
I never thought I would miss playing lightsabers for hours on end.  Until now.  The kid is incapable of talking about anything but basketball.  The other day his teacher came up to me in the pick-up line with a look of utter desperation on her face and said Bode never quit talking about basketball for the entire day.  He. Won't. Shut. Up.

But I'm determined to connect with this foreigner that I birthed, so I am now watching sports center and comparing James Lebron to Kevin Durant.  It's not awesome but I'm adjusting to my new normal.

Thankfully, I still have Mia and Pinterest.  


The Seat House said...

Welcome to my world. I know more about the NBA then any normal housewife (who does love sports) should.

Lori said...

I highly recommend Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN2. It's on 5-9 AM and repeats 9-12 AM on another ESPN channel. You don't have to watch all the actual sporting events because they will tell you all about it and show highlights and you will find out interesting facts to discuss with your son or any other sports fanatic! You could always DVR it and only watch the basketball parts. But you might like it more than you think! On a side note, it looks like this is putting a link on "watch" but I did not do that.

Gena said...

James LeBron. I am laughing so hard right now. Yes, whatever you do, don't let him discover Gabe. He will start calling him Daddy.

Lori said...

I almost said that about LeBron James but thought you were trying to be funny! You do need Mike & Mike...it's also on ESPN radio (640 AM) M-F if you are in the car 5-9 AM headed to school or something.