Thursday, March 21, 2013

I realize this blog has been a little Bode heavy lately,

but recital season is coming up giving Mia several opportunities to be in the spotlight. And let's be honest, she's pretty much always in the spotlight around here.

However, this little man had "wheel day" at school last Friday and he was pumped. The five minutes Bode wasn't talking about basketball last week he was talking about wheel day.  It was "a really big deal, Mom."

Notice Bode in the very back of the line listening intently to the instructions. 
That's how I prefer to picture him at school, the only one being perfect all day long. 
(I've been known to not always live in reality.)

Check out this chaos. I have no earthly idea how these amazing teachers handle this. I was ready to go breathe in a bag.
When I told you Bode wore his jersey every single day I was not saying that for effect. 
I'm dead serious. Every. Single. Day.
Mia went right to managing all the kids like a pro. Those kids had better not get off the bike trail or they had her to deal with.

By the end of wheel day Bode looked like he might faint and told me he would die if he didn't get a grilled cheese and a root beer from Sonic. At that moment I knew that there was at least a little bit of my DNA in this kid, and I was so relieved. I may not understand basketball but I completely understand the need for a Sonic drink. Bode and I - we're going to be just fine.


Michelle said...

Bode wearing a Thunder jersey everyday makes me feel so much better about Maddie wearing her Cinderella dress everyday!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Wheel Day looks like a kid's dream day at school!