Thursday, February 28, 2013

Long Term Gratification

Bode saved his money for over a year to buy the Lego Millennium Falcon.  
If you know how much my son loves to buy stuff, you will understand how big of a deal this is. 
 It was a great lesson in self discipline and the pay off was huge.  
One morning he woke up at 6 AM because he "heard a plop" and thought it was the mailman dropping his treasure on the front porch.  It was actually me trying to do the Insanity Workout video in the living room.  How sad is that?
We could have bought this for him for Christmas or his birthday, but there is something to be said for saving and buying something with your own money.  
I don't really know what is to be said for it but it's something profound, trust me.
When the day finally came he declared it the best day of his life.
This should keep Andy and him busy for at least a week.  It also looks like we won't be eating dinner at the table for at least that long.
I see a Full House marathon and several bags of jelly beans in Mia's and my future.
So basically, we all win.


Gena said...

My son is getting one for his birthday this weekend (which we purchased). I have taught him the value of nothing and no doubt Erick will be trying to assemble the falcon before G gets his hands on it. We lose.

Michelle said...

Cooper got legos for his birthday, the clock tower from Cars 2....Tuesday we had a snow day, or "no power" day so I invited 2 older boys over and they built everything for him, it was fantastic....

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I love that table! Yes, great lesson for him. Let me just say that you are really blessed to have both a boy and a girl so you get to relive all that fun stuff!

Kaylee McDaniel said...

when I was a little girl, my parents made be buy my own swing set. I put it on lay-away at Walmart (!) but I definitely enjoyed it more when I finally brought it home. :)

OK Chick said...

I always appreciated the toys I bought more then the toys my parents bought. Even to this day it still holds true.