Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Every Woman's Dream Come True

What woman doesn't want to be in a wet swimsuit in the middle of the winter?  I know! Thankfully, my husband knows this and booked a trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  
 He splurged on the "Kids Kamp" room complete with a little sleeping cabin for the kids.  Totally worth it because that meant that there were no children in our bed or anywhere near it.
 Bode began every single ride in tears and ended it begging for more.  We've always been willing to emotionally torture our children for the sake of a theme park ride.  We're all, "If you don't die, you'll totally thank us for this.  Now get up there and slide down that 30 story water coaster.  Don't make me tell you again."
 Mia and Andy went strong from open until close. Bode and I like to break it up a bit with food and naps. Thank goodness I insisted on having that second child.
 Might I suggest going to Great Wolf on a weekday in February? There is no one there. It's awesome.
 Poor Andy spent half the time bench pressing Bode.  He was one for 1,452.
Despite the impending snowpocolypse looming over our us, we had a wonderful time and the kids were thrilled to pieces.  I'd totally go again...in one year.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Yay for family time!

Gena said...

And where is the picture of you in a swimsuit???

Krysti said...

Thank you for this blog! Always worth readying!