Thursday, September 13, 2012

Don't Knock It Till You've Tried It

When I said I was desperate enough to take Bode to see a Tribal Healer I wasn't kidding.  
Meet Hayli: 
She's not exactly a "tribal healer" but she is from Australia and she does practice Chinese medicine.  And in my suburban bible belt world that's close enough.  She did all sort of interesting things to Bode (and then me cause I couldn't resist) and the next thing I knew I was leaving her office with strange herbs and oils.  I felt so enlightened and cutting edge at that moment.  I was all, "Demi and Gwyneth ain't got nothin' on this.  I'm super-mom."  (I think I only said this in my head.)
And then Bode drew this god-awful picture of a demon-possessed little boy and I became convinced that this is the way he sees himself - struggling to maintain his will to live.  (I'm also reading crazy psych journals at wee hours of the morning so that may have something to do with my irrational, paranoid fears.  Grad school is awesome!)

And in other news:
Sometimes my kids are so adorable even I can't take it.  I'd rub strange potions on these babies for the rest of my life if I had to.

*And I'll keep you posted on Bode's progress with alternative medicines.  I won't bother keeping you posted on the amount of eye-rolling my husband is doing concerning all of this.  Just assume it's constant.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Us Moms will try just about anything! I hope you get good results!

Katie said...

I've recently started taking Chinese herbs and doing acupuncture and cupping for my migraines! I hope it works for Bode (and me too)!

Catherine said...

I'm not EVEN telling Tim about this. YOU would be able to see his eye-rolling from YOUR house! Will it work? No idea. But I'm kinda with WaWaWaughs -- moms will try just about anything. Good luck! (And yes, do beware of those psych journals. Especially in the wee hours! They don't know as much as they think they know either -- perhaps a kind of Tribal Healers of the Brain?) But whaddoiknow? I'm a tribal healer of NO kind!

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Summer, I am not above trying out strange things like this myself. Remember our marathon training?! WEll, Look up Quantum Energetics and then you can roll your eyes at me...I know Joshua was!