Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mia's still homeschooling the Bodester, and thank goodness because no one else has any intentions of doing it.  And when Mia commits to something, she is all in. She's not above using her toes to hold up props and she's also not above using brute force to convince her students to submit.  Trust me, I've seen it in action.  
And I have told Bode over and over again that if he has any intentions of learning anything at home he's just going to have to take it.
Some days he'd rather risk death by choking on a scooby-doo action figure than have puppets on popsicle sticks teach him his vowel sounds.

And some days I can't say that I blame him.


Verna said...

Bahaha! Poor Bode!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Any teacher that uses her toes to teach is pretty impressive!

Catherine said...

I am SERIOUS -- where does she get these ideas!? And who told her she could actually try to implement them!? Who told her to just go for it!? Who told her there's no harm in trying, and absolutely nothing will happen if you don't at least try? Ethan doesn't do exactly what she does, but he also comes up with really detailed and involved ideas. And then he goes off and actually attempts to make them happen! I think to myself: why couldn't I have been like that at age 7/8? Why can't I be like that now!? Oh, it makes me tired to watch these sweet little confident I'm-sure-it-will-work-because-it's-MY-awesome-idea people. But they ARE pretty great kids, even if I'm jealous & wish I could be that bold. Although... I'm AM feeling a bit for Bode. Poor beleaguered soul. :-)