Friday, July 13, 2012

The people are inspiring and God is so, so good.

This is Sonya.  Sonya's husband physically abused her for 25 years.  You know what finally made her leave?  Someone told her about Christ and that crazy man wouldn't let her go to church.  That was a deal-breaker for her.
These kids thought Andy was some sort of cool American hipster.  Even Brazilians can spot one a mile away.
This picture encapsulates the church in Campinas.  Three generations, three nationalities, three languages, one purpose.  It's like a Hallmark card on steroids.
These two families teach and preach at one congregation in the morning and then travel across the city to...
...this congregation at night to do it all over again.  This room is actually an auto-garage. It was standing room only by the end of the night.
There is nothing quite like a hug from a Brazilian Grandma.
These precious ladies bought Sada and me these necklaces to thank us for coming to their church.  It was a huge financial sacrifice for them.  I have never felt more honored.
Brent was an amazing host and tour guide.  
Maria reminded me so much of Ahmo.  But then again, she never flipped me off, so may not.
I loved seeing my kids play with the kids at the orphanage.  It did my heart good.
And if I wouldn't have been arrested and sent to a Brazilian prison I would have taken this little one home with me.  He was left at the gates of the orphanage only a couple of days before we got there.  And his name - Julius Caesar.  I kid you not.
To be honest, this trip was a little bit self-indulgent.  Okay, it was a lot self-indulgent.  I went to help and I was helped.  I went to change and I was changed.  I went to serve and I was served.

It's funny how the Lord chooses to work sometimes.  

He certainly humbled me.  And, boy, did I need it.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Precious! Love all those beautiful faces and I can relate. Those trips really tug at your heart strings and inspire you. I'm so thankful that your whole family got to experience it together!

ann said...

I spent 3 summers during college in Campinas. It has a very special place in my heart. I haven't seen the Duttons in so long- is that Laura with the girls in the 11th picture down?! My goodness. Now my heart is full of saudades for Brasil!