Friday, July 27, 2012

Latest Books

1. I am not ashamed to admit that I read this again.  I may or may not have begged my small group to read it.  This time I also studied the new testament right along with it to compare and contrast.  (Quit rolling you eyes, Gena.)

2.  Kind of similar to Radical.  Kind of not as good, but interesting nonetheless.

3.  This lady is an emmy-award winning ABC news producer who happened to marry John Kennedy, Jr.'s cousin who naturally happened to be some kind of European prince.  She was on the island at John and Carolyn's house waiting for them to show up the night the plane went down and then three weeks later her John-Kennedy-Cousin-Prince-Husband dies of cancer.  It was easy to read and I don't know a women who isn't interested in some inside Kennedy drama.

4.  One of my favorite students ever gave me this book.  It's along the same thread of all the popular Christian books right now.  It's pretty basic and simple.

5.  This is the prequel to Seven.  I loved Seven, I liked this.

6.  I've never met a Beth Moore bible study I didn't like.  However, I couldn't get into this. It's probably because none of this applied to me because I'm so secure :)

I'm not one for giving life advice on my blog because I think it's pretty apparent that I, in no way, have it all together.  ("Well, duh," you are saying to yourself.)  So now let me give you some life advice:  if you want to get closer to God, learn to study His word effectively.

Because I am quite average intellectually, I have found that I need to be in a guided bible study every single day.  And I have found that Beth Moore's are the best.  Period.  (I'm also not one to have an opinion :)

I have completed almost all of her studies (most on my own and some in groups) but these are the ones that I have done recently:

Every woman on the planet needs to do this study.  It's wonderful.

This is a study on the fruits of the spirit.  Excellent.

I just started this study on the book of James. So far so good.

Get on amazon or go to a book store and find one that looks interesting - and here is the clincher:  Just.  Do.  It.  Quit making excuses and just do it.  Actually follow through for once and just do it.  Even if you don't feel like it that day, just do it.  Even if you aren't sure you believe in all of it just do it.  What can it possibly hurt?

Did my Nike themed branding of that paragraph make it that much more effective?  I thought so.

I need to save some of my ranting energy for my husband because that is his favorite thing about me, so I'll leave it at that.  Except this one thing:  If you ever want someone to do a bible study with, I'm all yours.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

That so goes with my post today: filling yourself up with the good stuff.

I have read several of those books and love them! Makes me feel like I understand my kids a little better since I'm kinda old school Christian. They are helping me broaden my view. Thanks for the Beth Moore recommendations!

Gena said...

So, time to turn off the Real Housewives of New York just so I can watch the woman-turned-Kennedy-princess-author and actually READ what she writes? Done. (Did you know she is on that show? Right.) Bible studies with you......yes. Does Beth Moore need a new hairstyle a little smaller and less Texan? Maybe. Did your son just COMPLETLY TALK MY EAR OFF AT LUNCH SO NOW I HAVE NO ENERGY OR TIME FOR A BIBLE STUDY? Yes. Just kidding. Seriously, if he were my child I would do nothing but sit around all day and stare at his golden locks, watch his sweet little mouth form his words, and marvel at his curiosity and his ability to make me do anything. (Including his command to "ask Erick if we can go to Brazil for six or ten days." )

If you need me, I will be booking my flight to Brazil and reading my Beth Moore.

Mariah said...

My question is how do you find time to read all of these books?!!? My love for reading has taken a back burner along with my love for showers and brushing my teeth! Maybe one day reading will be something I have time to enjoy again. Showers and brushing my teeth may have to come a little later :-)

Lori said...

Thanks for the needed reminder about daily in-depth Bible study. Guilty. This fall at MRCC we are offering three Beth Moore studies...the updated Breaking Free and David studies on Wed. morning, and the James study that you are doing, on Wed. night. Details at Probably will offer Breaking Free on Tuesday nights in the winter or spring. In case your post creates a stampede on Beth Moore, the study guides are $4 cheaper at Lifeway than Mardel FYI.

Lisa Renee said...

I needed this like you could never know. I want to know when you find time to read and when you do your study?