Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The word of the day is....

Sassy.  I regret to inform you that my daughter is fascinated with the idea of being sassy.

Take, for example, this conversation we had last week:
Mia:  Mom, take a picture of me doing my sassy smile.
Me:  You mean your insecure smile?
Mia:  No, I said SASSS-SSSYYY smile.  It's where you kind of go like this:
instead of like this:
Me:  Mia, I'm not really comfortable with you trying to be sassy.  Sassy is code for insecure.
Me:  Things like what, the truth?
Mia:  Sometimes I just want to smile sassy.  That doesn't mean I have to act sassy, it just means I don't want to smile like a baby anymore. 

And then my heart broke just a little bit because I was reminded that my daughter is turning into a sassy 1st grader (tomorrow) with a feather in her hair and I sometimes still see her as a baby with an oversized bow.

And speaking of tomorrow, this boy will officially be four and judging from this picture he doesn't yet have a clue about "sassy smiles." 
 "Dude, your sister said make a sassy face not a freak face."

 Today is officially the last day of our summer so I am going to soak in the feather and the spiderman suit while I still can.  
And I'm going to continue the fight against the sassy face, one picture at a time.
Wish me luck.


Sara said...

Sassy smiles/pics are important, hey my own pics of me at 11 looked like your gappy lovely girl! Nice blog, just found it, thanks, so will read more.

Kayla said...

Oh if it was only sassy smiles over here. I'm thinking about implementing the sassy spray or sassy soap this year...