Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And she's off...

Mia's on her way to first grade at this very moment (in her adorable Oakdale Rockets outfit, of course).
 Her very specific instructions included a Slim Fast for breakfast (she's not really in to breakfast, or anything that happens before 10:00 AM for that matter) and she wanted her Daddy to take her up to the door of her classroom. 
 Well good morning, Sunshine.  Your sister is starting first grade today, now please act like you care.
 Here is the forced good-bye hug.  
"You'll hug each other and you'll like it."
This year the tears were not nervous tears, they were "I just don't give a rip about going to school" tears.
And this year my tears aren't for Mia, they are for me and the fact that I will be the sole source of Bode's entertainment for yet another school year.

I'll get over it...tomorrow.


Alyssa said...

I'm guessing Sept 8 can't come soon enough?

Gena said...

Horray for Sonshine School!!! (except for the fact that those are work days, not stay home and clean days...)
Love that sweet girl!