Monday, June 13, 2011

Aunt Sesa, AKA Dr. Evil

Aunt Sesa came to town today bearing gifts.
 She took away a piece of my daughter's innocence by introducing her to Claire's Boutique.
 Mia took to it like a fly to manure, a duck to water, a pig to mud.
Whatever visual is the most powerful to your senses, that's how she took to it.
(I actually cleaned that stinkin' mirror 2 days ago.  I won't be wasting my time doing that again.)
I also like to blame Aunt Sesa for introducing my kids to Sprite.  
She makes no apologies.  
I overheard Mia tell her friend, "Well, her name is Maresa but I call her Sesa, cause she's my aunt and that's just what I call her."
Thank you for always being Sesa to these kiddos.  They love you!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

I think aunts are a lot like grandmas - spoil 'em and then leave them with you!

Meredith said...

There's nothing better than getting to be the cool aunt.

maresa said...

I love those kids more than anything in the whole world! Thanks for a great day, Summer!

sonorthend said...

She's not only a great aunt but an awesome cousin too!

OK Chick said...

It's important to have cool aunts. I have a couple myself.

Gena said...

Please do NOT let her tell mine about the fake nails. Violin practice will be in serious jeopardy.