Saturday, June 25, 2011

Andy surprised us this week with tickets to the circus. *Post edit

God bless him, it was a sweet gesture but I just couldn't conjure up much excitement.

He noticed. 

"Why are you trying to get out of going to the circus?" he finally asked.

"Why would I want to pay to see a circus when we're living in our very own freak show?  I can see chaos for free anytime I want to."

Andy was gracious and understanding about my irrational perfectly rational feelings and invited his cousin, Joshua, instead.
I'm sorry, but an elephant doing a headstand is just a disaster waiting to happen. 
Even Andy admitted that the lions looked like they were just biding their time.
 *I've been informed that these are, in fact, tigers and that I am, in fact, an idiot.  Duly noted.

Apparently, Bode had a blast. 
Any man who will brave three kids in the Cox Convention Center men's restroom is my night in shining armor. Now that is my love language.


Lori said...

What I want to know is who took the pictures if you did not go?!

babyblueeyed girl said...

he is a brave soul but im with you i hate circous and wouldnt go eaither

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Everyone must go sometime in their life! Otherwise your kids would let you know when they're older. Trust me. I've been berated for not exposing my kids to classic movies, among other things.

Gena said...

Seeing as how those are tigers and not lions, you are banned from the circus forever. I just did you a favor. (And yes, they were the least thrilling part of the entire thing....)

Alyssa said...

I'm laughing because Matt "surprised" us with tickets to the circus as well. I was less than thrilled but didn't even THINK of getting him to take another child in my place!! Next year...I'm ready.