Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday, fun day.

Sundays are not a relaxing day for anyone in our little family.  Mainly because my husband works here

I'll admit it has taken me years to adjust to not having a husband around on Sundays for things like dropping us off at the door when it's pouring down rain, watching the kids in the afternoon while I attend bridal showers, wrangling children while I fix dinner for small group, or helping me get kids dropped off or picked up from bible class.  

But I'm not complaining (Really, I'm not).  I have sort of found my groove on Sundays and make the most of it.

The kids and I enjoy things like eating cereal in the middle of the afternoon. 
 And, of course, pillow parties.
 This past Sunday we met back up with Daddy for a wonderful evening at Walk for Hope.
 Mia was determined to walk with her friends and nowhere near her parents.  Mission accomplished.
I got to spend some quality time with Simon in the Moby wrap.  This thing was awesome...for the first mile.  Then it got kind of sweaty and he may have almost dropped out of the bottom of it onto the street.  And then he may have had a major blow-out and then he may have spent the last mile trying to nurse me.  Other than that, it was awesome.
But no matter the amount of poop under my fingernails, at the end of a Sunday I usually feel exhausted and I always feel blessed.


Gena said...

Your pictures are looking really good lately. I need that zoom lens you had at the program!

Leigha said...

How far is that from OKC? We may have to come to services Sunday.