Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to Me

Meet my surrogate man-children (I just googled that term and realized it is an actual syndrome which means that I probably need to remove it from my arsenal of phrases-I-think-are-hilarious) children:
These guys are seriously the best of the best. 
Teach for America Corps Member - check
Harvard law school - check
National Merit Scholar - check
Double major in business and finance - check
Capitol Hill church urban ministry intern - check
Are the kind of men I pray Bode turns out to be like and Mia marries - check
House-sits, dog-sits, fish-sits and babysits for me anytime I need it - check, check, check and check
 Eats my cooking and thinks it's fabulous (even when it's not) - check

And hey all you single girls (I seriously doubt too many hip, young single girls even know this blog exists, but just in case):  Three of them are eligible bachelors. 
I'm just sayin'

And these young men know how to treat a lady, or at least a mom.  
How would I know?
Because a couple of days ago they surprised me with this:
And in case you haven't noticed what I am referring to because you are too busy trying to figure out which one's going to Harvard and if he happens to be one of the eligible bachelors, it's a Kindle.  
And I'm in love.

Thank you, boys.  You have been a blessing to my entire family.  
My kids idolize you, my husband respects you, and I'm so proud of all of you I could pop.

I highly recommend being a mentor to college students.  
They will bless you more than you bless them, I promise.


Gena said...

You look like the first lady in that picture. I can not believe they got you a kindle. My students give me colds and handfuls of weeds. ;)

Paige Bailey Photography said...

aww that is sweet. and CALEB is the Harvard one lol.

babyblueeyed girl said...

awww well im single i love your blog so if you wanna play match maker i wont stop you lol jk love you

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I know what they like about you. It's those hilarious children of yours...who take after their wonderful momma and daddy!

OK Chick said...

What an awesome present! It's very sweet of those guys, which leads me to my next comment....
I'm going to ignore your "I seriously doubt too many hip, young single girls even know this blog exists" statement.

Enjoy your Kindle!