Friday, May 13, 2011

The Sonshine School Program

Last night was "The Sonshine School Program."  The fam came to town to watch Bode sing about three inaudible lines of something that didn't even slightly resemble a song.  

I still thought was precious.

 (BTW, something crazy is going on with my neck.  I'm blaming my jacked up thyroid, which is to blame for everything these days.  Burned dinner - it's the thyroid.  Tired - thyroid.  Can't sleep - thyroid.  I know, I have issues.)
 Bode's feeling upstaged by this adorable little kid.  I may or may not have forgotten all about my child for a minute (or five) because this little boy had me in some sort of a trance.  He's that adorable.
 Behold, the chaos:
 Juliet was perfect the entire night and even let my sweet Ahmo love on her.
 I can see a glimpse of him at 18 in this picture.  It's precious and terrifying all at the same time.
This little man could go to "big school" next year.  But he's not.
Which means I have more SSS programs in my future. 
And I'm just fine with that.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Oh, so cute! Bode, too. LOL

You'll be glad later for keeping him home another year. Both my boys started Kdg. at 6 years.

Alyssa said...

Is that what is looks like from the audience? Oh. Dear. But it's fun and everyone is cute and I'm glad you have 2 more in your future!

Lydia said...


I don't think the adorable kiddo looks anything remotely at all like Barack Obama though, just my two cents. He looks alot better, actually. (not that BO is ugly, just my opinion)