Friday, June 11, 2010

Finally, it pays to be the ugliest. It also pays to be a queen, but that's fairly obvious.

Mia had the lead in "The Very Ugly Bug" at the Edmond Fine Arts Institute.  (I use the term "lead" quite loosely.)
She was the ugliest bug.
She always has been drawn to the misunderstood characters.
Bode was impressed.

Of course it's fine to be ugly so long as you are also a queen.
The second production they wrote themselves.  
The cast included a queen, a tooth fairy, a princess, a guard, a knight, and Hannah Montana.
A Yaya original:
We were all very impressed with the entire evening, especially the cookies.


kj said...

I could see the brand Yaya in Dillards or Macy's. Seriously. You need to look into it!

Gena said...

Next time...heads up on the play. We will not be excited, will sit with stone faces, and won't take 80 million pictures. We won't embarrass that ugly little bug...promise!

Alyssa said...

I had to look back at some old pictures to confirm but Collin also played the Ugliest Bug and it seems that his pretend box play afterward had him as king. They are destined to be in a play together!

Kayla said...

Avery would have loved to see this. Yes, give us a heads up!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

We love FAI too...where W got his start! Let us know next time she's in something. W will be working some there this summer!