Friday, July 17, 2009

Wicked Hookers, how's that for a title?

So after my big birthday/anniversary surprise I pooched my lip, stomped up and and down, and shouted, "But I wanted to go to Tulsa to see Wicked on opening night with my sister and shop and eat absurd amounts of sweets for two days!!!!!!!!
And what do you know.....

Check out those fabulous earrings.

Man, we got real creative with the self-portraits. This is exciting stuff.

Actually, Maresa and I have been waiting for weeks to see Wicked (thanks, Mom and Dad), I'm not that big of a brat.

And this, my friends, is Rahab sitting in the hot sun at 2:30 PM waiting on her cousins (well, Andy's cousins kids, whatever that makes them to her) who aren't supposed to be here until supper time. You can't reason with a hooker. They just won't listen.


Lesley said...

summer, you are so funny! Every time i check my blog and i see that you'e updated, i actually say YES!!! Cailey went out on Wednesday afternoon when it was 105 degrees with her flannel lined jacket on because, in her world, it was gonna rain. I should have taken a picture...actually, i should have not let her do that! she was so hot! but, what do i know?

Michelle said...

Wicked is the BEST show ever, I'm totally jealous! I begged Jeremy to go see it again in NY...but he said no. I'm sure you loved it!