Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cupcake down

I love it when my kid wins cupcakes at a neighborhood cakewalk, especially when it's not our neighborhood, or our cakewalk.
"Hey Mia, did you know you kinda look like a drowned rat. Why do you have such overactive sweat glands? You're really going to hate that someday."

Liberty Fest, exactly 5 minutes before the Great Wind of '09 turned this contraption into a tangled mess of chains and children.
Andy looks a little Chester Molesterish in this pic. Sorry that didn't stop me from posting it, Babe.
This pic had such potential. My bad.


Gena said...

Don't forget, you paid a good .25 cents for those cupcakes. That's what that park gets after tricking me at the last wedding 'ceremony' if you know what I mean....

Runningmama said...

You guys take better pictures than a professional photographer.

You and Gena are so completely adorable.

Brandi said...

What a great family picture!!

It looks like you had a great fourth of July!! We watched the fireworks at UCO this year (for the first time) - it was great!!