Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th Ya'll

Unfortunately, this little man loves his bed more than his country so I am missing the big show.

More on this day later. Right now, these babies are taking precedent.


Gena said...

Thanks for coming to the park today. I would have gone crazy if you hadn't been there. No fireworks for us either tonight...super tired kids.

Is Andy to blame for putting Erick on first service communion duty for the entire month of July? I could kill someone....

Alisha said...

You're killing me with the sweets! I made the brownie/cookies things from Bakarella last week after seeing them on your blog a long time ago. And now these rice krispie/peanut butter/chocolate things! The only thing is, I'm pretty sure there's no rice krispies here. I guess I'm safe.