Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just some stuff I want to be able to remind Mia about when she's 18

Mia: Matchmaker, Matchmaker patch me a patch....
Raegan: What's a Matchmaker?
Mia: It's a little lady that, like, you know, makes those sticks with the fire on the end.
Raegan: Why is she patching them?
Mia: Well, you know, they are broken and she needs to patch them.
And seamlessly transitioning to potty-humor, the inevitable ending to most of their conversations.
R: Hey Mia, Root-beer, toot-beer.
M: Hey Raegan, burger sauce.
Me, to myself: Bite your tongue, Summer, bite your tongue.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

that's about the cutest conversation I've ever heard. I still remember my college roommate and I when we were in elementary school age, swinging on her swingset. We made up a song about a dog and a cat getting married... just what you wanted to know, huh?

Gena said...

These are undoubtedly my favorite posts of yours. Not because they usually involve Raegan, but because I know the exact pitch of Mia's voice as she says those words. I miss her when she's at Ya-Ya's. And sorry for the random phone call this morning. Raegan just had to talk to any member of the family about the ladybug.

Runningmama said...

Hmmmm... sounds like a conversation I might have had with Gena in college. We were mature like that.

Leigha said...

Ha, I love that! My son loves to sing 'we will rock you' and instead of 'you big disgrace' he ALWAYS say 'mean as Grace' (his sis). I just LOVE the conversations and songs kids come up with though! Just Hilarious! Keep 'em comin' Mia!!