Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Here's to family traditions

So for the first time in, oh, 30-something years I am spending Christmas eve and Christmas morning at my own house like a big girl. And in the spirit of being a big girl I thought it was time that we started some family traditions of our own. On my tradition agenda: family devotional, the whole Santa thing, and ooey-gooey-my-kids-will-remember-these-forever-homemade cinnamon rolls.

We decided to sing some songs and talk about Jesus for our devo - surprise. So, we asked Mia to lead us in a song and she insisted, with the determination of a, well, 4-year-old, on leading the Turkey Pokey (thank you Sonshine School). So imagine the family putting our right wings in... Bode just stood on the coffee table and spoke his pig-Latin Mandarin alien language the entire time.

Now the cinnamon rolls, oh the cinnamon rolls.....Being the self-proclaimed Undomestic Goddess should pretty much sum these babies up. They could be considered weap0ns of mass destructi0n. I expect the government to ascend on the house at any moment.

The jury is still out on the whole Santa thing. So far Mia's bike looks like the picture on the box, except without breaks. I finally convinced Andy that breaks are overrated. Who needs them? Certainly not an overly-cautious little girl who has never ridden a bike in her life. Certainly not. Santa does have his cookies, thanks to Stacey Bonham, who sent them home with Andy yesterday.

And now Mommy needs her mocktail...or maybe something a little stronger (to get through the next batch of cinnamon rolls).


Michelle said...

Nice traditions to start Summer. Have a Merry CHRISTmas!

kj said...

Love it!! The cinnamon rolls don't sound anything my family recipe. My great GRAND made them and they are to die for!! Come in a can with frosting..

Love the blog header...perfect for you!

Brandi said...

Merry Christmas! You are so funny!! I hope the second batch turned out great!

Alyssa said...

Your welcome for the Turkey Pokey. I would love to see you and Andy particiate in that song.

Gena said...

Hey. I was looking all day for that new bike to come cruising down the street. Can Mia come over tomorrow? We have some new backyard stuff.

Stacey said...

Glad I could help take care of Santa. ;o)